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Africa is a country where we find most valuable minerals like Tungsten, Tin, Cobalt, and Tantalite which find application in High Tech products like Computers, Laptops, and Mobile Phones.

Due to uncertainity of the economy of the african countries people did not dare to enter the country to establish their business. We analysed the situation and found the african country was most lucrative for doing business. Hence we established our full fledged office at Goma in Congo to source minerals.

To begin we identified Tungsten Ore and Tin Ore. We buy the material from mines, Local Traders, grade it as per buyers requirements. The material is checked at buying point to ensure a good,

pecified quality is obtained as per buyers requirements and again it is recheked by an Independent Surveyors before the goods are ready for shipment.

Our Products are exported globally to Destinations like China, India, Europe, South East Asia etc.